The entire world of digital advertising technology, under one solid and neutral umbrella.

Since 2005 ADITION technologies AG has been developing an industry standard ad server which is one of the most wide-spread and most widely used systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: ADITION adserving. ADITION succeeds where many others have failed to meet the business and technology needs cross the entire client space that makes up digital advertising. ADITION is not limited to customer groups, but offers one solution for all: agency system, advertiser system, marketer system. One solution for an optimized workflow.

The ADITION solutions for digital marketing are completed by the programmatic technologies the group companies Yieldlab AG (SSP), Active Agent AG (DSP), AdClear GmbH (Attribution) and The ADEX GmbH (DMP & Adverification). All technologies and systems can be used as stand alone solution, as well as in an ADITION integrated way.